We’ve Moved!

The Citizens for a Better Falcon have moved their website to a different location. Please redirect your browser to www.cityoffalcon.net to view our new website.

As a group of concerned and passionate residents and business owners, the Citizens for a Better Colorado understand what a great community Falcon is.  We also worry about things that could threaten that quality of life. We believe Falcon residents should have a say in the future of their community. To that end, we want to propose the idea of incorporating Falcon into a city.

Falcon currently depends on El Paso County for road and bridge maintenance, snow plowing, and law enforcement. We have one voice out of five on the Board of County Commissioners. With county budget cuts, expenditures must be prioritized. Often, Falcon’s needs are neglected in favor of more populous areas.

Why incorporate?

Local control would allow residents to build their community and set the priorities based on local needs.

Local control increases accessibility to government officials because they are your friends and neighbors.

Local control increases accountability because government decisions are made by residents who hold public office.

Local control means increased security, either through a city police department or contracting with the county for a higher level of service.

As a resident of this area, we seek your input to help design the City of Falcon. We are interested in YOUR vision of what Falcon could be. In addition to this website, we plan to have numerous meetings. Many of these will be one-on-one or small group meetings. The next town hall meeting will be April 9, 10 a.m. at Falcon High School.

In the meantime, feel free to leave your comments here or at an email address that has been established to take questions and comments. The email address for comments is info@cityoffalcon.net.


To create a clear, consistent, and informed opportunity for the residents of the area known as Falcon to form a legal community in the State of Colorado.

Value Statement

This committee, campaign, and effort is committed to an ethics based approach to accomplishing the mission above through the following:

1)     Open, respectful, and honest communication with the residents, businesses, group members, and the public in general.

2)     To consider and value equally the interests and desires of the varied communities that make up the Falcon area.

3)     To provide a “best of all options” proposal to the residents of Falcon as a foundation for their ballot decisions.

4)     To present a group of nine persons qualified in character, residency, and demonstrable service to the area as prospective charter commission and election commission candidates.

5)     Each individual involved in this committee or campaign, as a condition to participation commits to:

a)     conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and honesty as individual representatives of the City of Falcon incorporation effort during the course of their regular interactions within the organization and externally with community residents and stakeholders.

b)     as part of their integrity, the members will treat each other and those the organization is contacting, contracting, or serving with mutual respect and value.

c)     demonstrate the above two ethical tenets through selflessness; valuing the needs of others, service and participation.

d)     ascribe to this code of ethics as a condition of participation prior to involvement in this effort and agree that failure to operate within these tenets may cause termination of any and all participation as decided by the committee members.